Self-Publishing Know How: What I Learned

If anyone ever tells you self-publishing is dependent on experience, LISTEN to them.

Getting Started:

I can vividly remember the day I had chosen for my debut novel to be released. I barely did any marketing, save for a few weeks of posts on my business Instagram account, and spreading the word on my personal social media accounts. Though I had read a number of articles and watched a number of videos about marketing (shamelessly), I decided I wasn't comfortable enough to do that. And I decided to lean on the people around me, the ones who knew me, who I knew would give me their 100% full support.

This was (and I can clearly say this now, a few months through the gate) a bad idea. This is of course to no offense to the group of family and friends who supported the launch of the book by reposting and purchasing. But it is important to note, that the best kind of support comes not from obligation, but from actual interest. As the weeks and the months roll by, the people who genuinely like your work will stick around, reminding you that, someone is listening, which will push you to continue.


  1. Watch and read any informative piece on self-publishing.

  2. Create a group of writer friends you actually relate to.

  3. Grow your social media platforms. Some of the best forms of marketing is free!

  4. Familiarize yourself with Amazon's policies, especially when publishing paperbacks.

  5. Add your book(s) to Goodreads.

  6. Gather a list of persons willing to read ARCs (Advanced Review Copies).

  7. Build anticipation by letting people know important dates (Title reveal, cover reveal, etc)

  8. Interact with the community, genuinely.

  9. Start promotion as early as possible

  10. Create a mailing list (Voracious Readers is a great option)


  1. Forget to source beta readers.

  2. List your book(s) at an exorbitant price.

  3. Keep the release a secret.

  4. Rely on only family/friends to purchase the novel.

  5. Expect overnight fame or recognition.

  6. Forget to research 'book marketing agencies'

  7. Give Up

Yes, the list of DON'Ts is less than the DO's because at the end of the day, self-publishing (though quite hard and stressful) can be fruitful if done right. I'm still learning, I still make mistakes, my mouth still hangs open as I realize something I should've been doing a long time ago. And you know what? That's okay. The more time passes, the more experience I'll have and it'll prepare me, prepare us for my future releases. Stay tuned!

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