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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

One of my favorite things about being an indie author is the opportunity it avails me to show my support for other indies just the same. With the understanding I have of the work that goes into writing, publishing, marketing, I love to read and feature another author's work, ones that seem as intriguing as these! Without further ado, here are some upcoming (and recently released) indie books.

The Crush by Allyson Kennedy

A combination hopeless romantic and old soul trapped in a teenager’s body, closet musician Emery Brooks wonders if she’ll ever find a love as timeless as her grandparents’. Fear of judgment and social alienation due to her older brother’s past mistakes render her incapable of writing a love song. Still, Emery holds fast to the ideals her Grandma Adeline instilled in her from a young age, vowing to allow God to handwrite her love story, to never settle for anything less.

That is, until love cynic Sawyer Alston enters her world. Broken by the wrath of his parents’ failed marriage, Sawyer has been uprooted from everything he’s ever known and now sees love as a void of empty promises. When Emery and Sawyer meet due to their mothers' rekindled friendship, Emery soon realizes she’s in over her head.

For, despite her resistance, her first crush, her first glimpse at love, involves a boy who doesn’t believe in love at all.

I must say. I received an advanced copy of The Crush and I was so enthralled by the prose, the descriptions, the feelings and emotions. It was so sweet and such an easy read that it makes you get lost in a world that you can picture in your mind’s eye. Kennedy’s crafting of a world that seems to exist inside all of our minds captures the essence of the teenage years—angst and all.

The Crush was released on October 24, 2020.

The Prophecy of the Codex by Melissa Frey

With the Secret of the Codex finally revealed, the Four—archaeologists Kayla, Grady, Mandy, and Justin—are just trying to get back to their normal lives. But destiny has other plans.

A mysterious disappearance in a museum sets into motion a terrifying chain of events that can only mean one thing:

Their greatest of enemies is back and determined to steal the Power of the Codex for themselves.

And a new journey begins. As the Four travel through the rainforests and mountains of Belize, they discover an ancient treasure trove of supernatural artifacts and once again encounter the Clan that will stop at nothing to prevent them from fulfilling the prophecies detailed in the Codex. This time around, old friends become family, old enemies become friends, new enemies become ruthless, and the strongest of relationships are tested. But one thing’s for certain: Kayla, Grady, Mandy, and Justin are headed into their most heartbreaking and life-changing journey yet.

A thrilling follow-up to her debut, The Prophesy of the Codex follows the adventures of four friends. Though I haven’t completed the books, the premise alone makes me excited to dive in.

The Prophecy of the Codex will be released on October 27, 2020

Age of the Almek by Tara A. Lake

They are taught that desertion is death and loyalty is life – The Almek must look to the future and ignite change if they are to cure the water and save humanity.

Man-made pollution has altered Earth's water making it too toxic for human consumption – with the exception of a single underground, uncontaminated spring in Michigan. The last living humans cultivate the land and manage survival. Together they have formed The Almek civilization.

The Almek live in confinement, forced to operate according to the inhumane laws and barbaric control of their corrupt rulers. For eighteen years they have survived. But The Almek's way of life now faces it's greatest tribulation yet: their natural spring is depleting and they must find a cure for the Earth's most precious resource or face absolute extinction.

Age of The Almek is a disturbing reality that explores the possible repercussions of man-made pollution. This novel is the first of its series, and will appeal to readers who enjoy suspenseful, exciting reads.

Age of the Almek is Lake’s debut novel and I couldn’t be more excited. In the world of indies, creating fast friends who relate to your writing woes is one of the best parts. I’m especially excited about this novel because Tara has shown how much time and dedication she puts into creating a world that is following a path we are nearing. I am so intrigued by the nuances of the plot and what the characters have to battle (internal and external). I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Age of the Almek will be released on November 1, 2020

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