Beta Readers Wanted!

Are you in the market for original books? Not to mention the fact they are free! Do you want to help out an indie author? If so, I'm looking for a group of beta readers to read my novel(s) in the upcoming weeks.

What is a Beta Reader?

  • A beta reader is an early reader of a manuscript

  • Beta readers provide valuable feedback to the author about what works and what doesn't

  • Beta readers are among the first persons to view a book

Requirements to be a Beta Reader

  • Be willing to read a unpolished manuscript

  • Be willing to fill out a form at the end of each round of chapters to provide helpful insight

  • Enjoy reading

Book Details:

(Title to be Announced) is a sequel to my debut novel Popularity Rules. It joins Jason a few years into the future, where he finally has his life together (or at least that's what he tries to tell himself). When devastating news shifts his entire world, he must revisit the ghosts of his past, even if it kills him. After all, fame comes with a price... Who will pay it?

Important Details:

  • A total of five chapters will be sent every few days (dependent on how fast you read) and a short questionnaire will follow.

  • The content of the book must be kept strictly confidential.

Want to sign up? Click here

If you have any further questions, please contact me. There will be more opportunities in the near future.

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