P o p u l a r i t y  R u l e s

Popularity Rules mock up.png

He hates being popular. She hates him. What could go wrong?

Almost drowning in the struggle to reclaim his identity and to remove all that has been thrust on him, Jason finds himself almost strangled by the grand puppeteer of his popularity. Just before he sinks, he gains insight into what the world outside of popularity’s cushioned forces felt like. But instead of sinking, he burns—slow and torturous, now it’s a race against the clock for all he once knew and for what he was now protecting.

Floating around in society and a bout of social unconsciousness, Avery makes a sudden move that affects everyone around her and brings the mistakes of her past back in the form of a gargantuan brewing monster, having the possibility of saving herself but destroying all those around her in the process. She thought she had changed but when tangible problems surface it’s indicative of the fact that her past is still very much present.

Is it too late for change?