P o p u l a r i t y  R u l e s :
D e a t h  t o  t h e  C r o w n


Horrifying news shifts his entire life around.

When his high school popularity wanes, Jason revels in his newfound ability to exist outside of the limelight, outside of other’s scrutinizing gazes. He loves his new life; he tries to remind himself of that every day.

One moment he sits idly in his home, the next he reels from devastating news that digs up the ghosts of his past. They resurface and turns his entire world upside down, he soon realizes that a dark secret that once waged war on his family is back—worse than before.

Something seems wrong, something feels wrong but he can’t prove it—at least not without reemerging into the limelight.

However, Jason finds himself troubled by memories of his past and becomes overwhelmed with moral questions. Will his moral compass allow him to find out the truth or will he die trying?

Whatever ends up happening… someone won’t make it out alive.