Photographed by Tariq Kellyman

S h a m i k a  S.  L i n d s a y

From as early as I could remember, reading has been one of my greatest passions. I went from being a toddler, barely able to read begging my parents to reread the same stories over and over, to a pre-pubescent child writing stories for my classmates.

As a teenager, I became known as the girl who would write stories, the girl obsessed with literature. The girl who created worlds. I have a vivid memory of students at my high school fighting over who would read a story I had written next.

Writing, to me, is much more than putting words onto paper. It gave me a voice, it gives me a voice. I can shout from the mountains because I am a writer. I write for those who need an escape, somewhere safe to run to, where they'll be taken on a journey greater than they could imagine.

Come, journey with me.